DGTD65T40S1PT - 650V FIELD STOP IGBT - 艾金森 Dratk SBR8U20SP5 - SBR - 艾金森 Dratk SD101BW - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk BAV99W - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk DGTD65T50S1PT - 650V FIELD STOP IGBT - 艾金森 Dratk ZXGD3003E6Q - 40V 5A GATE DRIVER IN SOT26 - 艾金森 Dratk SD101BWS - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk HD04 - bridge rectifier - 艾金森 Dratk SBR8U60P5 - SBR - 艾金森 Dratk DGTD65T60S2PT - 650V FIELD STOP IGBT - 艾金森 Dratk SD101CW - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk BAW101 - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk SBRT05U20LPS - 0.5A TRENCH SCHOTTKY BARRIER RECTIFIER - 艾金森 Dratk HD06 - bridge rectifier - 艾金森 Dratk BAW101Q - DUAL SURFACE MOUNT SWITCHING DIODE - 艾金森 Dratk ZXGD3004E6 - Gate Drivers - 艾金森 Dratk SD101CWS - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk BAW101S - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk SD103ASDM - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk HDS10M - 1.0A SURFACE MOUNT GLASS PASSIVATED BRIDGE RECTIFIER - 艾金森 Dratk ZXGD3004E6Q - 40V 8A GATE DRIVER - 艾金森 Dratk BAW101V - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk SD103ATW - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk BAW156 - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk HDS20M - 2.0A SURFACE MOUNT GLASS PASSIVATED BRIDGE RECTIFIER - 艾金森 Dratk BAW156T - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk KBJ4005G - bridge rectifier - 艾金森 Dratk ZXGD3005E6 - Gate Drivers - 艾金森 Dratk BAW156TQ - SURFACE MOUNT LOW LEAKAGE DIODE - 艾金森 Dratk SD103AW - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk SD103AWS - SURFACE MOUNT SCHOTTKY BARRIER DIODE - 艾金森 Dratk BAW56 - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk KBJ401G - bridge rectifier - 艾金森 Dratk BAW567DW - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk ZXGD3006E6 - Gate Drivers - 艾金森 Dratk SD103AWSQ - SURFACE MOUNT SCHOTTKY BARRIER DIODE - 艾金森 Dratk BAW56DW - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk KBJ402G - bridge rectifier - 艾金森 Dratk BAW56HDW - SURFACE MOUNT SWITCHING DIODE ARRAY - 艾金森 Dratk KBJ404G - bridge rectifier - 艾金森 Dratk SD103BW - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk BAW56HDWQ - SURFACE MOUNT SWITCHING DIODE ARRAY - 艾金森 Dratk ZXGD3006E6Q - Gate Drivers - 艾金森 Dratk KBJ406G - bridge rectifier - 艾金森 Dratk BAW56T - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk BAW56W - switching diode - 艾金森 Dratk SD103BWS - Schottky - 艾金森 Dratk KBJ408G - bridge rectifier - 艾金森 Dratk DLLFSD01LP3 - ULTRA LOW LEAKAGE SURFACE MOUNT FAST SWITCHING DIODE - 艾金森 Dratk ZXGD3009DY - - 艾金森 Dratk
High Power Li-Ion Charger W/I-Path Management

热度 226

The ISL9230 is a fully integrated high input voltage single-cell Li-ion battery charger with power path management function. This charger performs the CC/CV charge function required by Li-ion batteries. The charger can withstand an input voltage up to 26V but is disabled when the input voltage exceeds 6.6V OVP threshold. The input current limit and charge current are programmable with external resistors. When the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the charger preconditions the battery with 10% of the programmed charge current. When the charge current reduces to the end-of-charge (EOC) current level during the CV charge phase, the EOC indicator (CHG) will toggle to a logic high to indicate the end-of-charge condition.

The ISL9230 uses separate power paths to supply the system load and the battery. This feature allows the system to immediately operate with a completely discharged battery. This feature also allows the charge to terminate when the battery is full while continuing to supply the system power from the input source, thus minimizing unnecessary charge/discharge cycles and prolonging the battery life.

Two indication pins (PG and CHG) allow simple interface to a microprocessor or LEDs.

  • Complete Charger for Single-Cell Li-ion/Polymer Batteries
  • Current Path Management Optimize for Charge and System Currents
  • Intelligent Timeout Interval Based on Actual Charge Current
  • 1% Charger Output Voltage Accuracy
  • Programmable Input Current Limit
  • Programmable Charge Current
  • NTC Thermistor Input
  • Complies with USB Charger
  • Charge Current Thermal Foldback for Thermal Protection
  • Trickle Charge for Fully Discharged Batteries
  • 26V Maximum Voltage at VIN Pin
  • Power Presence and Charge Indications
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • 16 Ld 3x3 TQFN Package
  • Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)
    • Mobile Phones
    • Blue-Tooth Devices
    • PDAs
    • MP3 Players
    • Stand-Alone Chargers
    • Other Handheld Devices
Parameters ISL9230 ISL9220 ISL9220A ISL9301
VOUT (typ) (V)4.2 4.2 4.2 4.5
Voltage Accuracy (%)1 0.5 0.5 1
VIN1 (max)26 V 18 V 18 V 28 V
VIN2 (max)N/A N/A N/A N/A
IOUT1 (max) (A)1.5 2 2 0.8
IOUT2 (max) (A)N/A N/A N/A N/A
Safety TimerYes Yes Yes Yes
Self TerminationYes Yes Yes Yes
Accepts CC AdapterNo No No Yes
VIN1 Trickle Charge (min) (% CC)10 10 10 6
VIN2 Trickle Charge (min) (% CC)N/A N/A N/A N/A
Thermal RegulationYes Yes Yes Yes
Function(s)Power Good & Charge Status Enable, Charge Status, Fault Enable, Charge Status, Fault Power Presence, Charge Indication, Battery Disconnect, IREF, IMIN Set, Time Set
Battery ChemistrySingle Cell Li+/Polymer Single Cell Li+/Polymer Single Cell Li+/Polymer Single Cell Li+/Polymer
Qualification LevelStandard Standard Standard Standard

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