OutVoice, a startup that allows editors to pay freelancers with the click of a button, has officially left beta testing and is open to any publication.

The company is also announcing that it has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from content monetization startup Coil.

OutVoicewas founded by Matt Saincome and Issa Diao (pictured above). When the product was still in beta last year, Saincome told me it was created to solve "a horrible problem for everyone" involved in publishing freelance work: When he was a freelance writer, he'd have to constantly bug editors so that he could get paid, but then as the founder of the satirical sites The Hard Times and Hard Drive, he realized that managing payments was a huge headache.

OutVoice simplifies the whole process by integrating directly into WordPress and other content management systems. When editors load a story into the CMS, they can also identify the contributor and the payment amount. Then once they hit publish, the payment is sent and should arrive in the freelancer's back account within a few days.

This means freelancers don't have to worry about payment delays, while publications don't have to worry about tracking invoices and writing checks (or losing their best writers and photographers if they don't stay on top of this).

OutVoice also handles the initial on-boarding paperwork that the freelancers need to fill out, and it creates monthly reports for accounting and taxes.?Publications can pay for the service on either a per-transaction basis (5% of payments plus $1 per transaction) or through a monthly subscription, which starts at $29 per month.

And by working with Coil,OutVoice says it can take advantage of new payment technologies like Interledger.

"Our goal at Coil is to make it easy and effortless for content creators to get paid," said Coil CEO Stefan Thomas in a statement. "During their beta, OutVoice has already erased hundreds of years of lag time between freelance content creators and their paycheck. We're excited to partner with OutVoice to promote more efficient payment solutions and processes, giving creators more time and money to create."

300M-user meme site Imgur raises $20M from Coil to pay creators




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