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iPhone firmware 2.2 coming on November 21st?

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After not one, but two rounds of distribution to developers, it looks like v2.2 of the iPhone firmware might be ready for release.

According to information obtained by iPhoneHellas, we'll have our hands on this oft-discussed and much leaked software update come November 21st - just 10 days from now. The leak didn't indicate anything new in the firmware that we haven't already heard about, so anybody still hoping for copy and paste in v2.2 might to just give up - and by "give up", we mean start nagging louder so we see it in 2.3.

What we're expecting to see in the final release:

  • Rating prompt upon application deletion
  • Google Maps: Street view, location sharing, transit information, walking directions
  • Auto correction toggle
  • Emoji support
  • Podcast downloading over WiFi
  • App Store layout changes
  • Seperate search box added to address bar in Safari