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Tablets.com Goes Up For Sale

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Domain name investment company XF.com Investments is putting one of the most valuable single-word domains up for sale today: tablets.com. The company says it feels like now is the perfect time to release the domain for sale, with the tablet industry projected to be a $70 billion market by 2014, according to the analysts at RBC.

No target price, asking price or minimum bid has been set on the offer.

“We are going to let the market determine the final sales price,” says XF's Aron Meystedt. “We feel the size and growth of this industry will drive the final sales price of Tablets.com up, however, we haven’t set a target price yet,” he added. “Once a bid comes across that we feel is fair for this opportunity, we will accept it and move forward.”

The company also noted that recent sales for other single word domain names like toys.com, clothes.com and sex.com have traded for 7 and 8 figure sums. And Citrix's Cloud.com, which it acquired as a part of the $200 million purchase of Cloud.com earlier this year, was assigned a value of $18 million.

At present, the tablets.com website is hosting a rolling odometer that's meant to demonstrate how fast the tablets market is growing. As of this morning, it's in the $37 billion range.

Although not a household name, XF.com Investments is known for owning the first .com on the Internet: Symbolics.com. The company wasn't the original owner of the domain, however - it bought it in August 2009 for an undisclosed sum.?Originally, the ?domain belonged to defunct Massachusetts-based computer manufacturer?Symbolics, which first registered it?on March 15th, 1985.