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AMD Preps New Ryzen 2000-Series CPUs: 45W Ryzen 7 2700E & Ryzen 5 2600E

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AMD is gearing up to release four new Ryzen 2000-series processors based on a listing in ASRock’s CPU compatibility chart. The new Ryzen 5 2600E and Ryzen 7 2700E products feature a reduced TDP and are aimed at SFF and fanless systems, whereas the Ryzen 3 2300X, as well as the Ryzen 5 2500X parts, are designed for enthusiasts as well as overclockers on a budget.

The energy efficient Ryzen 5 2600E and the Ryzen 7 2700E will be AMD’s first Ryzen CPUs featuring a 45 W default TDP. Previously AMD has offered various Ryzen chips with configurable 45 – 65 W TDP that required system builders to activate the former profile for low power PCs, which in some cases could mean unpredictable performance. By contrast, the new products guarantee 2.8 – 3.1 GHz frequencies at 45 W, if ASRock’s CPU compatibility chart for the AB350M Pro4 motherboard is to be believed.

Just like their 65 W brethren, the energy efficient Ryzen 5 2600E and the Ryzen 7 2700E feature six and eight cores respectively (based on L2 capacity listed by ASRock). According to the motherboard maker, the Ryzen 5 2600E runs at 3.1 GHz, whereas the Ryzen 7 2700E runs at 2.8 GHz default frequency. Meanwhile, the motherboard maker does not list boost clocks. In any case, an addition of two 45 W parts into the Ryzen 2000-series lineup is a big deal for PC makers and DIY enthusiasts who want to build a SFF or even a fanless system based on AMD's latest CPUs.

AMD Ryzen 5 & 7 2000-Series CPUs
  Ryzen 7 2700X Ryzen 7 2700 Ryzen 7 2700E Ryzen 5 2600X Ryzen 5 2600 Ryzen 5 2600E
CPU Cores/Threads 8 / 16 6 / 12
Base CPU Frequency 3.7 GHz 3.2 GHz 2.8 GHz 3.6 GHz 3.4 GHz 3.1 GHz
Turbo CPU Frequency 4.3 GHz 4.1 GHz ? 4.2 GHz 3.9 GHz ?
TDP @ Base Frequency 105 W 65 W 45 W 95 W 65 W 45 W
L1 Cache I: 64K. D: 32K  
L2 Cache 512 KB/core
L3 Cache 16 MB
DRAM Support DDR4-2933
Dual Channel
Dual Channel
? DDR4-2933
Dual Channel
Dual Channel
PCIe Lanes (CPU) 16 Free + 4 NVMe
Price $329 $299 ? $229 $199 ?
Bundled Cooler AMD Prism RGB AMD Spire RGB ? AMD Spire AMD Stealth ?

Moving on to the new Ryzen 3 2300X and Ryzen 5 2500X processors. As expected, both feature four cores (with or without SMT) clocked at 3.5 – 3.6 GHz, an unlocked multiplier, a 65 W TDP, and Precision Boost 2 that automatically increases clock rate when a CPU is installed into an appropriate motherboard. Both chips are aimed at overclockers and enthusiasts on a budget, so expect them to be priced accordingly.

AMD Ryzen 3 2300X and Ryzen 5 2500X Brief Specs
  Ryzen 5
Ryzen 5
1500 X
Ryzen 3 2300X Ryzen 3 1300X
CPU Cores/Threads 4/8 4/4
Base CPU Frequency 3.6 GHz 3.5 GHz 3.5 GHz 3.5 GHz
Turbo CPU Frequency ? 3.7 GHz ? 3.7 GHz
TDP @ Base Frequency 65 W
L1 Cache I: 64K. D: 32K
L2 Cache 512 KB per core
L3 Cache 16 MB 8 MB
DRAM Support ? DDR4-2667 ? DDR4-2667
PCIe Lanes (CPU) 16 Free + 4 NVMe
Price ? $135 ? $110
Bundled Cooler ? Wraith Spire ? Wraith Stealth

AMD has not announced the four aforementioned chips officially, so the company will not comment on them. It is unclear when and whether the energy efficient parts are set to hit the channel market, but in the past AMD sold its "E" products alongside with full-fledged ones. What remains to be seen is of course pricing of the new chips as well as cooling systems that AMD intends to bundle with the new parts.

Buy AMD Ryzen 7 2700 on

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Source: ASRock (via TechReport)