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Screenr Business: Add Screencasting To Your Site With A Few Clicks (And Preserve Your Sanity)

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"Do you see the 'File' option at the top? No, higher, at the very top of the screen. Click that. What do you mean it went away? What went away? What did you press? No, stop clicking for a second. I AM BEING PATIENT... sigh"

Ah, the pleasures of describing a computer problem over the phone, doubtless experienced by many of the people reading this post. And while most of us have only had to deal with tech support questions to help our friends, family, and dorm-mates, there are plenty of businesses that face the same challenges every day —?and for them, money is on the line. And now Screenr, a company that offers a web-based screen recorder that lets you make screencasts directly from your browser without requiring additional downloads, has an answer.

This week Screenr is launching Screenr Business, a service that makes it very easy for any site to integrate the company's browser-based screencast technology. In other words, they'll make it super easy for your customers to file support tickets by video.

Say you have a standard support site for your product, which includes basic help information and a submission form where customers submit descriptions of their problems —?descriptions that often aren't very specific or may be difficult to understand. Using Screenr, you could now embed a button at the top of your support site that invites users to quickly capture a screencast of their issue, which they can then immediately send to your company's support staff. Pretty cool.

That's not the only use-case, either: CEO Adam Schwartz says that they're seeing companies use the tool for internal software development (QA people don't have to manually write out how to reproduce a problem, they can just take a video). The service is also often used in companies for internal collaboration, allowing coworkers to share a product demo without requiring a meeting.

In addition to the aforementioned widgets that can be easily embedded, Screenr also offers an API that allows for deeper integration (Stocktwits is one company that's already using this).

As for pricing, Screenr Business is free for 15 days, then charges on a monthly basis with plans starting at $19/month (more expensive plans include more options, like analytics, custom branding, and API access).