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With Their Own QR Code Trick, Bit.ly Eats Google's Balls

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Back in April, Google added a very nifty feature to their URL shortener, goo.gl. If you simply add ".qr" to any shortened URL, you will be taken to a page with a QR code for that URL. If you scan that image with a QR code reader, it will take you to the link that was originally shortened. It's a feature that's so cool, Bit.ly decided to do the same thing - while taking a shot at Google at the same time.

Yes, just like with goo.gl, now you can add ".qr" to the end of any bit.ly link (including custom ones, like our own tcrn.ch) and you'll be taken to a page with a QR code for that link. But look closely. Below the QR code, the Bit.ly fish is about to eat something - some colorful balls. You know, the same colorful balls associated with Google.

Bit.ly is clearly taking a shot at their rival, who entered the URL shortening game last December and two weeks ago opened their product to the public. Both now offer anyone on the web a simple way to shorten a link and get analytics on the usage of the link. Google says their version is the "stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web." Bit.ly, once again, is telling Google to suck.it.

Bit.ly also announced a new API contest today.