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#youdidntgetglass Google Has Closed Registrations For Their #ifihadglass Pre-Order Ploy

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Google has officially shut down registrations for its #ifihadglass round of Google Glass pre-orders/applications.

The competition was first announced on February 20, alongside a video asking prospective Google Glass buyers to take to Twitter or Google+ using the #ifihadglass hashtag to explain why they deserve one of the first-ever Google Glass Explorer Editions. Along with the social post, users also filled out an application here.

Today, however, the window has closed.

Google didn't say just how many sets of Google Glass would go out in this round, but the slow and steady approach makes sense for a product like Glass. Rather than let anyone get a try, Google is ensuring that only the most die-hard Glassholes get the device, which is still in its developer/beta phase.

With more people using the product, Google buys itself a bigger test base and lures in developers without disappointing anyone. The company timed the competition nicely, letting The Verge's Joshua Toposlky go hands-on with Google Glass on Feb. 22.

There were some pretty interesting submissions made via Twitter, which you can browse here. This is one of my favorites, considering that Google Glass was spotted on eBay earlier this week, and has been subsequently removed.

In the meantime, we'll just have to wait for Google to open up another round of pre-orders.